5th Edition Global Rail Freight Conference

RotterdamThe Netherlands

Live demo – European information portal on last-mile infrastructure for rail freight

‘All major stakeholders from the transport and logistics industry will come together to discuss the future of rail freight’

Jean-Pierre Loubinoux, General Director UIC

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The structure of the European rail freight market has profoundly changed over the past decades and road competition is further increasing. This situation is particularly challenging for last-mile operations. An easy and quick access to information about last-mile infrastructure for rail freight – specifically on rail freight access points – would improve service planning, particularly across borders.

DG MOVE has therefore taken the step to support the market with a web-based portal offering a “user-friendly access to information on last-mile infrastructure for rail freight”. HaCon and UIC, supported by UIRR, Triona and IT Kreativa, have managed to develop a first pilot portal and fill it with data from dedicated regions.

Contributors that gave advice or provided data for the demo information portal include the following: DB Schenken AG, Green Cargo AG, GYSEV Zrt, International Rail Freight Business Association, OSE SA, PE Macedonian Railway Infrastructure, SBB Cargo AG, Serbian Railways JSC, SGKV, Trafikverket, Verband Deutscher Verkehrsunternehmen e.V, Verband für Anschlussbahnunternehmen.

The portal offers comprehensive results based on the chosen facility types (intermodal terminal, rail ports, stations with public/ private siding), as well as area types, rail freight corridors, loading units and cargo types.

Join the 5th Global Rail Freight Conference and visit the UIC stand in Rotterdam for a live presentation and discussion with project managers.

Where: UIC stand, Van Nelle Factory, Rotterdam
When: 23 June at 10.30

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